Disposable Face Masks (Pack of 50 PCS) Blue 3 ply


Our three layer face masks provide protection and comfort using our selection of disposable face masks. It perfect for those working in food preparation, hair/nail salons and janitorial services at your food service establishment, Shikaboo’s collection of face protection masks are ideal for shielding against harmful all bacteria, chemicals, and other air pollution substances.

  • Each box contains 50 face masks packaged inside a clear plastic PP bag, which is then enclosed inside a box.
  • Pack of 50 blue disposable face masks are made with 3 layers of 33% melt-blown PP fabric and 67% non-woven fabric
  • Designed for single use and feature a metal nose bridge along top edge allows for wearer to adjust fit of face masks.
  • Soft stretch earl-oops that can be secured behind the wearer ears while wearing the face mask.

Our 3-Ply blue disposable face masks are carefully made with non-woven fibers, it has ear-loops that are designed to be breathable and gentle on the skin. Our disposable non-woven masks cover your mouth and nose with comfort and are available in two colors(blue and black). It features 3 layers of a nice high filtration technology, which guards you against all kinds of dirt and debris. Also, for added defense against toxic odors, our 3-layer ear-loop face masks have an integrated activated carbon layer. Our disposable face masks are also conveniently latex-free and fiberglass-free to prevent skin damage during use.

These masks are ideal for keeping work environments safe for all employees, our disposable face masks are the utmost shield against airborne bacteria or any other harmful chemicals. It can be used in any facilities such as hotels, hair/nail salons, restaurants, and more. You are able choose from our selection of disposable ear-loop face masks to ensure sanitation and protection in your everyday life.

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